TwitRes – Twitter Resumes

What do you think about a Resume that is only 140 characters long? My first thought wasn’t very positive but I see a few benefits of this:

– Quick review and filtering of resumes

– Being able to process more applications

– Truly reading the things the applicant deems most important in their resume/experience

– Show applicant’s creativity. Truly valuable for marketing positions to see if a person can come up with a clear and concise message when selling themselves.

– Buzz words wouldn’t help much because everyone would be using them and unless you want to sound exactly the same as others, you have to be unique in the 140 characters. I realize it won’t entirely remove usage of buzz words

– I would imagine the TwitRes’ would be more numbers based, concrete things in order to stand out.


This wouldn’t remove the current system of processing applications but could be another form of filtering applications or a supplemental tool.

It may substitute cover letters OR become the new 60-second pitch!


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I am the co-founder of Powr of You ( I am extremely passionate about tech, startups, & in general learning & challenging myself. My career has been focused on tech and strategy. I have also founded 2 successful small businesses. View all posts by Keshav Malani

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