New Hotel Location suggestions for @SPGInsider – in the Bay Area

I think anyone who lives in the Bay Area and has Starwood Points will agree with my following recommendations for new Starwood Hotel Locations:

  1. South & North Lake Tahoe – Most popular location during winters and summers
  2. Napa – Wine Country, popular tourist spot, organize wine tasting tours
  3. Yosemite – National forests, A lot of people can’t camp but want to visit
  4. Half-Moon Bay – Small beach and frequently used for a weekend
  5. Monterey – Beach Town
  6. Santa Cruz – Beach Town
  7. Marin – Close but feels far away from the Bay for a short getaway

The locations noted above are very popular locations for Bay Area residents as well as tourists. So there will be no shortage of customers. Also, given the reputation of Starwood hotels, they would not need to significantly discount prices even in areas that are cheaper.

Feel free to post comments with any additional locations suggestions. Also, if you would like to vote for any of the locations above – here is a link:


p.s. This post is obviously assuming you (Starwood) don’t already have plans to expand into these areas.


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