Tracker for >100 Online User Profiles

Not sure if other face this problem – I have easily accumulated over 100 user profiles on various websites. Each has it’s own name and password. I have tried to standardize passwords and determined variations that work for the website. But inevitably, I visit a website and I forget what variation of password and username I used.

So the two issues I struggle with are:

  1. Tracking Usernames/Passwords – I know all the Browsers allow you to track usernames and passwords but some time I don’t really want to save that information within my browsers – for ex: Wells Fargo, personal email, Facebook.
  2. Tracking Websites – There are so many websites I subscribe to and like but forget about them. Additionally, they all serve different purposes so I needed to be able to search through my subscriptions when I need it. For ex: what websites help me with “video” work.

My Solution (at least at the moment) – Track all my websites and profiles in an Excel workbook with the their own description tags and related usernames and passwords (coded). Here is the link to the workbook I use – Online Profiles Workbook. Also, I have highlighted certain profiles in Orange to indicate the ones that I use regularly.

I know there are other websites and softwares out there that allow you to do this but I want to have access to this readily and don’t want to save them online OR they cost money.

Here is a pic of what the workbook looks like:


Hope this helps!

p.s. The file isn’t a complete listing of websites I utilize. These are the ones I remembered.


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