Idea for @SFBart – Everyone Wins

This idea will resound with the good people of Bay Area who take Bart a lot or even sometimes.

The Pleasant Hill Bart station started charging for parking not too long ago – $1/day. This is not too bad at all given the convenience of parking so close to Bart until you realize that you have to remember the number of the specific spot that you parked at and pay for the parking inside the Bart station. This will generate more revenue for Bart and will result in higher customer satisfaction from ease of Bart use.

There is a lot going through everyone’s mind in the morning but most of us manage to remember the obscure numbering (not based on the floors) of the spot and pay for parking every morning even though the payment machine likes to refuse perfectly good dollar bills, only accepts $1 bills, the only change machine breaks everything into Quarters, as the Bart train we absolutely must take approaches the station.

Well guess what happens on some other occasions – We forget! Yup, we forget to pay in the rush of trying to get to train – racing up those stairs, two steps at a time, to get to get inside those Bart doors that inevitably catch someone trying to sneak in at the last moment. And it’s a huge waste of time to realize half-way to your destination that you forgot to pay, go back to the station you parked at and

My suggestion – Is to have a Remote Parking Payment Function built into the iBart iPhone App, the Bart Website, from other Bart Stations. The best part is you can charge us extra for paying remotely. A possible fee structure

– $2/day for remotely paying for your specific spot.

$3/day or $4/day if someone doesn’t remember the spot number

I realize, there are some logistical things, like how to manage tickets and such that I didn’t discuss here. I have ideas of how you should manage that so let me know if you would like my two cents on it.


A Bart User


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