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You won’t believe when…nooo…STOP!

The number of things I won’t believe have plummeted…not because of scientific breakthroughs but simply because of the click bait that is taking over every piece of content we see out there. Every time I see content titled with the leading phrases, I suspend my disbelief and imagine and the most absurd scenario and then just move on. At the moment, this seems like the best way to counter.

Even trusted news outlets and journals are using these headers to grab attention – everything is “jaw dropping”, “mind blowing”, “totally revolutionary”!

It looks like it’s quickly becoming the new norm.

How much longer will this continue until we are completely desensitized? Also, do the brands often sponsoring this content realize this is actually damaging their image? Is a click-through worth it when the person thinks the content is useless?

The question I am thinking about – what will be the next thing that will drive such high levels of consumption and click-throughs?