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Should recruiters know about company strategy in great detail?

This is a recent phenomenon I have noticed (or maybe its only post university recruiting) where recruiters are asked questions about company strategy.

Is this an appropriate line of questioning for the questioner to hassle the recruiter with? Are they looking to impress? Does it impress a recruiter when they are asked very detailed questions about what the company is doing in a specific sub-sector?

I don’t know the answer. But as an observer/questioner a few thoughts:

Most recruiters struggle with these questions. It is frustrating to not hear an answer for the questioners but I have realized it may not be in the job description. It is important though considering they are the first filter for the talent that will align with the company goals. Yes, they may just be seeing culture fit but they are still reviewing CVs. Furthermore, they are still employees of the company and more so externally facing so they are bound to be asked.

Nonetheless, companies have numerous arms with their own strategy and reasoning for them. Thus, asking very specific questions is bound to not be answered appropriately. Maybe a follow-up email with the question would be a better avenue.

Recruiters – please DO NOT answer these questions with extremely vague answers because it looks worse than the person asking a 2 minute question drilling down into a sub business unit’s PNL line item 4 historical trend and how that is impacting your current strategy. DO learn your company’s high-level strategy and where the company is going in the hot sectors or operates in.