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Is Google Glass the real product?

In all it’s glory of features and use cases and abuses, Google Glass has made a huge impact in our community, way beyond the lives and dreams of nerds and geeks (such as myself).

Google Glass

We have been looking at Google Glass as the product but what if it’s not? What if it’s simply a stepping stone for Google to get to the real deal – to test out  the concept.

Similar, but with a much bigger end goal, to how iPhone was a stepping stone for iPads – Glass just might be the stepping stone, a testing ground, for an Always On society.

This can be further supported by the patents and development of the contact lenses (WSJ article).

So are we ready for it? I wonder if the experiment fared well per Google’s expectations…

Google Contact Lens



Idea for Google: Google Dialog – conversations redefined

This is an idea for Google Labs: Google Dialog.

The service would transcribe audio into text. Google could accomplish this by expanding their Google Voice to Text technology to further recognize and distinguish voices of individuals rather than just considering it all just one person speaking. I use Google Voice as my voicemail currently and quite rarely do I have no clue what the voicemail is about after reading the transcription. Nonetheless, I would expect this service to be better at going from voice to text. It might be a good idea for Google to acquire Nuance Communications (Dragon Dictation and Search apps maker) since their voice to text is quite accurate.

Some application of this service:

  • Hearing impaired individuals
  • YouTube video/audio translation
  • Podcasts translated
  • Phone calls or conference calls
  • Phone calls or conference calls (with approval obviously)
  • Movies in different languages
  • Live Speeches
  • Live Presidential Debates
  • Recordings that people want to share as a transcript as well

There are other companies trying to develop similar technology but I believe with Google’s resources, this can be accomplished considerably faster and distributed over numerous mediums.

Google        Nuance