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Redesigning the landline phone for the new era

An idea I had emailed to Microsoft in 2012 about a high end, clear/transparent landline phone.

Still hasn’t come to fruition and would still be worth making.


— Original Message —
From : kmalani@gmail.com
Sent : 27 May 2008 04:38:46 UTC
To : CNTUS.GNCS.NA.00.EN.TRA.BGL.CS.T02.CUS.00.WB@css.one.microsoft.com
Subject : A New phone idea

Country/Region: United States

Message: Hi,

I just had an idea for a phone that would be a rather futuristic design and could be marketed for the high-end market.

The idea goes along with the revolution of having transparent things, with the Dell Monitors and TVs with clear sides.

I think a “transparent” or “clear” phone would be a next step in the same direction. To what extent the phone will be transparent is up for design purposes but I do have some idea in my mind as to what would be appealing.

But more importantly, you must be wondering, if the phone is transparent, how can you see it? How can you use it?

Well…the answer is:

The phone is in fact a touch panel screen, and so the phone can be used by just tapping the phone instead of it having buttons on there.

Next question: How can you use it, if it’s transparent? It will be difficult to read what is on the touch screen if the screen is transparent and there are things behind the phone.

The answer: The phone is equipped with an infrared sensor (or whatever motion sensor is appropriate), to detect movement around it.

So when someone brings their hand close to the phone it will detect the movement and the phone (screen) will turn dark and you will be able to see the buttons and other options on there.

Additionally, it will also turn dark and display call information if there is an incoming call.

Well, that’s it…that’s my idea.

Not sure if the current level of technology can do this. Or if this is cost efficient? But I know a LOT of rich people will be willing to pay big bucks to have this in their homes and offices.

Lastly, please let me know if you plan on pursuing this idea because it would be nice to know I made a difference.

Thank you.