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Review of Jawbone ERA

I have owned the Jawbone ERA (bluetooth headset) by Aliph for about a month now so I wanted to write-up my review of the product. To summarize the comments below – Great product (as usual) with a few pain points.

I have just listed specs and features all in one since it would have been too much trouble to separate it all out.

  • Weight – It is a bit heavier than the previous Jawbones
    • Pro – Feels more substantive. Doesn’t flap around on your ear or fall off when you chew. I can run with it on without worrying about it falling out.
    • Con – Ear gets tired if I wear it for too long. This is a combined effect of the shape of earpiece as well, I believe.
  • Earpieces – The package comes with a new type of earpiece as well as the traditional one.
    • Pro – The new ear piece is a better shape for ears since hooks in a bit further than the round surface of the regular earpieces.
    • Pro – The new style is better at noise cancelling of current environment since it’s more snug in my ear.
    • Con – The medium one is a tab bit too large for my ear so it starts hurting my ear after a while of continuous use.
  • Noise Cancelling – Jawbone offers military grade noise cancelling technology and it is evident
    • Pro – The new earpiece is better at noise cancelling of my environment since it’s more snug in my ear.
    • Pro – The noise cancelling for others receiving my calls appears to have improved as well.
    • Con – Sometimes it’s too difficult to hear the a call on the earpiece but I can hear them on my handset. Not sure why.
    • Con – Sound on my side sounds a bit morphed at times.
  • Look – Some changes have been made since the previous Jawbone
    • Pro – Looks more solid and intentional when worn rather than something that is just hanging off of an ear by mistake.
    • Con – None.
  • Apps and updates – A brand new feature allowing user to update their Jawbone and add new features on there. For ex: change the voice, favorite number, caller name announcement, etc.
    • Pro – It’s awesome that the device can actually be updated and you can add new apps on it. It’s not static anymore and can’t be easily outdated.
    • Con – Apps are limited at the moment but that is expected since the idea is still rather new.
    • Con – The caller name announcement feature doesn’t repeat the name of the individual. It would just say “Call from Mike” once and stop there. So if you didn’t catch it the first time, too bad for you.
  • Battery Life
    • Pro – Jawbone claims 5 hours and it’s pretty close to that.
    • Pro – The device will actually tell you how much time is left (pressing the button once)
    • Pro – It recharges very quickly. I haven’t timed it but I am approximating anywhere between 30 mins to 1 hour to fully recharge.
    • Con – None
  • Connecting to multiple devices – Sync with multiple devices (Phones, laptop, etc.)
    • Pro – Awesome feature.
    • Con – None.
  • Other Cool Features
    • Hanging up – There is touch sensor on the device and if you double tap it will hang up the phone call.
      • Con – It is not too sensitive so sometimes it’s a bit difficult to hang up that way.
    • # Announcement – This has been there since two Jawbones ago but an awesome feature where the number calling you actually spoken to you.
      • Pro – You don’t have to look at your phone all the time to determine who is calling. Obviously this requires you to remember people’s phone numbers. It might actually be helpful in improving memory.
    • Battery Bar – On the iPhone and other smartphones you will see a bar that displays the amount of battery remaining.
    • Battery Life remaining announcement – The phone will also announce the approximate amount of battery life left if you click the answer button on the Jawbone. For ex: “About of five hours of talk time remaining”

Let me know if you have any questions or need me to expand on a certain area more.