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Macbook Pro Experience

I have recently started using a Macbook Pro 13”, I must say – I am a bit disappointed. Don’t get me wrong, it is a great machine and will probably be my laptop of choice (well the Ivy Bridge version) as I move onto London Business School (LBS) for my MBA this July. But, it has a few ‘issues’ that are quite frustrating, from a Windows user’s perspective:

  • Where the heck is the delete key? Yes I get you can Fn + Delete but that’s crazy and a waste of time.
  • Right click – Seriously?
  • Function keys are off by default
  • The function of the Control is key and Alt (Option keys) are at times reversed and other times completely changed
  • The different ‘dashboards’ useful at times can be quite excessive.
  • Getting to applications is not quite obvious
  • Office is horrible – yes one can blame it on Microsoft but I will take it out on Macs 🙂
  • Not being able install a lot of applications that I used to be easily get
  • Backwards compatibility of applications
  • Pressing Enter doesn’t open documents or applications
  • Sorting / Arranging within the finder view isn’t fully fledged to support normal functions (for eg: ascending or descending)
  • Needing to click more – this is probably heavily dependent upon just getting to know all the keyboard shortcuts
  • What’s up with iPhoto creating it’s own copies of pictures


Two general things:

1) The MacOS is not quite ‘prettier’. I am not sure why this has been such a claim but it is quite disappointing.

2) Why doesn’t the screen tilt back further?


Some really cool things:

  • Built in boot utility
  • Spotlight is presented very well
  • The screen is very nice
  • The keyboard is surprisingly comfortable even with the spacing on the key